Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Farmer Boys and Their Little Farmer Toys

Little farmer boys
and their little farmer toys...

Elijah loves to drive his skid loader in my former flower box, which is now the boys' waist-high dirt box.
I'd say "sandbox", but there is no sand in it--just plain ol' dirt.

(by the way, dirt is so much, well,
dirtier than sand. I'd rather just put some sand in the thing, since I won't be using the area for flowers anymore anyway 'cause the stupid dogs just dig them up but Andrew said dirt makes for a better--smoother--field for them. And hey--I'm all about having smooth fields.)

And not to be outdone, Little Miss Ruby in her pretty new dress from Denise and Ralph, diggin' in the dirt right next to her brothers.

One day, I will think back to these days and really miss the dirty little fingernails and hands and dirt-smeared faces that all happen as a result of playing in the sanddirt box.

And for now, I'm going to smile about all of that.


  1. Way to cute and sweet for words!

  2. Such a wonderful picture with young ones playing with the farm. These pictures recalled my memories when i was at their age playing with my Vintage Farm Toys.


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