Friday, June 25, 2010

Hey Good Lookin'

My husband calls me Babe.
(for a funny story about this, click here.)
I could probably count on one hand the number of times he has used my given name. I laugh whenever he does because it sounds so strange coming out of his mouth. He even stumbles over it. (I think if he is referring to me in a conversation he will typically say "my wife.")

I mostly call him Dennis, or Daddy if I'm with the kids, as in, "go ask Daddy".
I think I also call him Honey.

Recently, Christopher (4) greeted me by saying, "Hi-ya Toots."
I said, "Hi."
He said, "You can call me Jim."
"Oh," I said. "Hi-ya Jim."

All of this got me to thinking,
What do you call each other?
Honey? Sweetie? Snookums?
(a note of caution: my kids read this blog so keep 'er clean...)


  1. Corey and I just had a similar conversation with some of our neighbors a few days ago.

    I really only call Corey, Corey. Creative, I know.=) And, Corey calls me T.

    I call Parker Sweet Pea, or Parkman. And, Lucy we call her Lucy Boo, Lucille, or Lou.


  2. Haha, Tami--you are creative!

    We sometimes call Nathaniel "Nate Bob" 'cause he's Nathaniel Robert. (your dad started that one...)
    and consequently, Isaiah gets called "Ike Bob"
    Linnea is NeNe (nay-nay), Andrew doesn't have a nickname...Christopher is Bipper and Elijah doesn't have one.
    Ruby we call RuRu, Ruby-ru, Baby Ru, etc. etc.
    Elijah pronounces Ivy's name "Iby" so we call her Iby Joy or Baby Iby.

  3. Well if I do have a nickname I must be called it all the time because I can't recall...if its anything I would say Honey or Bridge. I call Doug whatever I feel like that day, and I mean that in a nice way like sometimes I call him Snookums, Sweetie, Sweet Cheeks, etc. Doug also works!!


  4. I just read this post, and it is SO cute! I actually have kind of a fun story about my nickname for Randy. Especially when I talk to him on the phone, I call him "Wookin". It started when we were first together...every time we talked on the phone, and then every time he came home, I greeted him by saying, "Hey Good Lookin'!" When Emma was about 2, one afternoon she saw his pickup pull in and ran to the door. As soon as he walked in, she ran to him and said, "Hey Wookin'!" It just kind of stuck. :)


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