Tuesday, June 22, 2010

(Not-so) Simple Math

When people hear how many children I have,
most often it's a shock.

Many times, I can see them doing the math in their head:
"Whoa. I've got two. That's like---my kids times four!"

But it's not like that.

Ok, well, in the laundry department, I'll agree.
If you have two and I have eight, then most likely I have 4x the laundry you do.

In other areas, though, the math is not so simple.

If you remember, multiplication facts work either way.
If 2 x 3 = 6
then 3 x 2 will also equal 6.

So saying that because I have eight and she has two then I have 4x as much work would also mean that she has only 1/4 the work that I do.

Is that really so?

Whether you have one kid or 8, you still have to (in no particular order):

cook/prepare 3 meals each day
wash and fold clothes
sweep floors
dust (I don't actually dust. I just put that in for good measure. What I really mean is "swipe hand over dusty area and wipe on pants. Or blow really hard on said dusty area.)
wash, dry, and put away dishes
shop for groceries and household items
mow the lawn
sleep (I don't really do much of this either... but what adult does?)
trip over pick up toys
answer the phone and/or doorbell, sometimes at the same time
make decisions about school. in my case, home-educating.
wipe noses
trim finger and toe nails
give baths
kiss owies
listen to their silly jokes
try to understand their hearts
and encourage.

It's a big job being a parent, no matter how many you have.
I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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