Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elijah's Workbook

Like nearly all "preschoolers",
Elijah really wants to "do school" when the rest of the kids are.

Since I don't believe that formal schooling is necessary in the early years,
I don't buy curriculum for my younger-than-five-crowd.

That said, however, there are countless workbooks and worksheets available
that little ones like to do some work in--to "do some school" like the big kids.

One problem, though, is that nearly all of these are consumable.
I have bought some books with mazes or dot-to-dots
only to have them do all 25 pages in one sitting.

Yay for them,
but not yay for $$$$.

Another veteran homeschool mom suggested
 that after buying a book, I tear out all the pages
and place them in page protectors in a 3-ring binder.

I bought a zipper pouch to keep some
wet-erase markers in.
(you may remember these as what your teacher would use on an overhead projector)

When he is done with "school" for the day,
we can just wipe off the pages with a damp paper towel
and they are ready to go again for another day!!

What does Elijah think??
He likes it.
A lot!!


  1. I love that idea! That is so smart! Thank you for the tip! :)


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