Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guess Who Else Got Glasses?

My Ruby-girl got glasses today!
My mom works in the clinic upstairs from where the "eye-glasses store" is,
so she popped down on her break to watch the big event.
Ruby's mouth is a great big 'O' of excitement
upon seeing herself in the mirror.
 Ruby's doll Laura was along, too.

When the glasses were off getting bent to fit her little face,
I snapped this picture of my excited little girl.

 I pointed the camera at the mirror to capture this moment.
You may notice she was dressed in her "wedding" finery. 
Her godparents love to pick out extra-fancy, extra-girly, extra-just-right-for-Ruby-type dresses.
This would be one of them.

 Once we arrived home, we showed all the brothers and Daddy
and then took some more pictures.

 Since she knows I have a "blod" (blog), she wanted me to be sure I took a picture of her case.
I'm sure you are surprised to see it is pink, just like her glasses.

She is so happy to have them--
she's told me so a hundred times since they were put on her face!
"I can see now, Mama!"

As I type this, she has on her apron and is cooking at her toy kitchen,
humming, and saying "Now I look just like a Mama!!"


  1. Tell Ruby we love her new glasses!

  2. Abram was the same way, so excited to finally be able to see :)
    She looks adorable in her new glasses.


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