Monday, July 23, 2012


I had these pictures loaded to a post and haven't gotten around to posting them
so I decided to do that now--'cause I can, seeing as it's my blog and all.

Elijah, Ruby, and Ivy were playing so nicely outside 
(and looking so cute, of course)
that I took the camera out to snap some pictures of them.

Our dog Molly wanted to be right in front of me
so I took one of her, too, which the children thought was quite funny!

Elijah, Ivy, and Ruby (pre-glasses)

Ivy loves Molly.

"Now take a picture of me with Molly, Mom!"

Ruby was feeling giggly.
All my kids have a twinkle in their eye--they come by it honestly.
My dad always says, "Smile--it makes people wonder what you're up to."

You can see that these pictures were taken much earlier this summer--
that's our neighbor working his field across the road.

Dennis is in our yard hooking up what looks to me to be a fertilizer wagon.

Now, the fields are stressing with this drought we are having.
Farmers are praying for rain and hoping they will get a crop.

So when we start stressing about things like that,
I try to look into the eyes of the really important things in our lives--
our nine beautiful, healthy children.

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