Monday, November 25, 2013

I'd Forgotten

We no longer use "regular" baby powder; I haven't for a few years.
Instead, I sprinkle some of this clay on a baby's bottom if there's a bit of redness. 
I didn't throw away the couple bottles  of powder we had because we sometimes use them for whitening calves for show at the fair.
Consequently, I'd forgotten how fun it is when a little person gets into a bottle of baby powder and sprinkles it EVERYWHERE in a room.
The last time a child did this, it was a joint effort between Nathaniel and Isaiah.  They closed the door of the bathroom and enjoyed squeezing the sides of the container and watching it *puff*  into the air.
This time it was the girls' bedroom.

When I started thinking, "Why does it smell like baby powder in this house???"
I walked down the hall and was met by this.....girl.
It's a difficult thing when a parent is torn between needing to admonish the behavior while stifling laughter (and taking naughty child's picture to document the event for posterity).


  1. Love this! It looks like she had lots of fun! I think we should try this at a mom's night out. :)

  2. Funny! When my oldest was little, she wanted to surprise me by cleaning the kitchen floor - she sprinkled Ajax all over, and it was a terrible mess! I had gone out to get something, which probably didn't even take a minute, and the deed was done. Since she was so proud of herself, I couldn't punish her, either.

  3. she is SOOOO cute though! and probably smells good, too!


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