Saturday, November 2, 2013

Twitchy Fingers

We're in that stage of toddler hair growth that just makes my scissor-happy fingers twitch.
I want to cut her bangs so bad  but I want them to grow out so I don't have to keep cutting bangs.
She pulls out anything we put in her hair.
Correction:  she leaves the pretties in her hair just long enough so that when she does pull them out, her hair stands up or sticks out all over the place and looks absolutely crazy.

And so for now we just say, "Elizabeth, fix your hair!" in a smiley voice and she swipes her hair out of her eyes.  The photographer for this picture did not do that prior to this shot.


  1. We are in that exact same place right now. Can't cut the hair, but can't keep it out of her eyes either! I buy the little plastic hairbands from the girls' section at Walmart. She can't pull them out and it keeps the majority of her hair out of her face. This picture, however, is completely adorable even with hair in her eyes! :)


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