Sunday, August 17, 2014

Farm Dogs

I tend to think that farm dogs are different than town dogs.
Basically, a farm dog's job is to bark when someone drives in the yard and when animals are where they aren't supposed to be.
It is expected that they will tolerate the kids' attention
and it's a bonus when they enjoy the kids' attention.
Our dogs do not come in the house (except for when Molly's being a big wimp and she pushes her way in during a thunder storm) so when the kids play outside, the dogs generally come close for some lovin'.

We currently have two dogs, Molly and Copper.
Molly is our smart dog and Copper, well, notsomuch.
When Molly is tired of the attention, she leaves.
Copper never tires of the attention and he never leaves--
he pushes in even closer.
Abram likes to pet Copper and Copper knows that this is a good way to get some attention.
The problem is that it stops Abram's swing from swinging and Abram gets mad.
Abram then pushes against Copper with his foot so he can kind of swing, but he pretty much just ends up bumping against Copper.
Copper doesn't get the message, Abram gets mad, Mom has to yell to the dog to get away.

Elizabeth was just about to fuss at me to "hep" her get up on the "hi-ya" (higher) swing, that's why her face is like this.
The older kids were all gone the day I took these and I tell you, it feels weird to "only" have three to take care of and watch.
It's sort of a reprieve and more work all at the same time.


  1. I can't believe how big Elizabeth is getting! Wasn't she just your baby?? :-)


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