Friday, August 22, 2014

Something New

Linnea won a trip to the State Fair again this year.
(click here  and here to see her trip from last year.)
She tried something new for our county fair with showing a sheep
and that is what she won her trip on.

Linnea and "Stevie"

It was a new experience to have a project in the sheep barn.
Abram was and is pretty brave around any of our animals.
I don't have any pictures of the kids getting ready for the fair with any
of their other projects (my camera lens was broken)
so these pictures are courtesy of the friend of ours who owns the sheep.

As I was saying,
Abram liked the sheep.

Linnea left on Wednesday morning and will be back late Sunday night.
Dennis and Elijah are going down with my parents tomorrow
because our club's musical entry also won a trip to the State Fair.
Elijah is very excited to see the event of which he has only heretofore heard stories!

Isaiah will leave on Sunday morning
as his state fair trip was earned with a non-livestock project.
He made a bow out of some sapling branches.
I don't have a picture of it,
but if it concerns Isaiah, it's very difficult to get a picture.

I am glad for the ability to text the kids when they are away from home;
when I was a kid at something like this, there was no way to communicate like there is now.
It's much more reassuring for both kid and parent, in my opinion!

Thankfully, both Linnea and Isaiah have had jobs this summer
that have provided for their expenses at the fair.

I wish I could have gone down tomorrow 
but someone needed to stay home here with the littles
and for the kids handling the farm work while Dennis is gone for the day.
Also, I'm pretty sure I would not have had the energy
to navigate the masses of people and the sprawling fairgrounds.

I hope my mom takes a few pictures so I can see a little of what they were up to!

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  1. What neat experiences for your kiddos! And I agree, I love getting a text from Ethan when he's away. Or being able to get ahold of him if needed. Hope the fair was a success for them.


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