Wednesday, August 13, 2014

So Thankful

A friend generously gave me a lens that she was no longer using, so now I can take pictures again!  
Humbled by her generosity?  YES.

The weather this week has been absolutely gorgeous, so as I learn the ins and outs of this different lens, I sat outside with Ivy, Elizabeth and Abram and took a ton of pictures.

After lots of  "oh, so that's what that setting does with this lens..." (delete & try again), I think I have it mostly figured out.

I missed the whole month of July photographically speaking, but now I'll be able to keep better track of my kids---photographically speaking.

 Beautiful flowers from my beautiful friend Gretchen.
She and her husband are talented gardeners.

 Elizabeth Grace and her baby.

 Ivy Joy

 Elijah and Ruby
These two....
Christopher loves working with Dad more than life itself so when he's off with Dad,
Elijah and Ruby team up very well.
They were making a fort this day in the woods
so that left Abram, Elizabeth, and Ivy on the yard with Mom.

 A quick group picture before they left the yard.

my sunshine baby

Abram is really cruising now!
Walking outside is a little trickier because of the uneven terrain, 
but he's going to master it soon!

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