Friday, April 10, 2015

And Then She Grew

While at my parents' house to celebrate Easter
my mom brought out a box of old pictures.
Y'know--from when people used to use film and have actual photographs on paper.
We came across this one of Linnea and my dad's pony Paco.
My goodness! She was so little!

And when I stepped outside that same afternoon,
there she was...but much older.
Linnea and HotShot

I turned to my dad and said,
"I know my years as a parent are fewer than yours;
I feel as if this girl was little just yesterday.
Does it feel that way for you?
Were we little just yesterday?
Does it seem like just a short time ago to you, too?"
He told me that it did feel that way to him, too.

I think for me, because I'm in the midst of diapers and feedings
and skinned knees and bad dreams
and legos and sword fights
and dollies and polly pockets,
I had never taken the time to ask either of my parents that question.

I have to say, 
I liked his answer.

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