Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Boredom Buster

These were taken in March,
the month in Minnesota where spring shows itself for a few days
then reverts to winter.
The day these were taken it was too cold to play outside
and the kids were, ahem, we'll call it...rowdy.
They were at the point of getting into everything,
fighting over anything, and not wanting to do what I was saying.

I knew I could 
a) keep yelling at them
b) let them drive me absolutely nuts
c) direct their rowdiness in a positive direction.
d) both b & c

D was the only possible option.

So I told them to clear the kitchen floor of toys and other stuff that didn't belong
and I rolled out some paper for each of them.

Sweeping was not accomplished prior to the laying down of paper.

  Yes, that is a permanent marker.
Yes, some got on the floor during this event.
It'll wear off eventually.

I typically avoid leaving scissors laying around on the floor.
Or at least photographing them.
But this was a special occasion.
 The drawing on of facial hair was also for this special occasion.
It started with Christopher wanting to match his guy.

And sort of went downhill from there...

 Ruby wanted to make sure she drew her Hello Kitty socks onto
the replication of herself.

 Ivy documented the day by pretending to take pictures on her fake phone.

These two are doing their cool face.
At least what they called it.

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