Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter 2015

To start this post, I mean, really
who could resist this face?!
This is how Abram "smiles" for pictures.

 And I need to work on proper etiquette with Elizabeth while wearing a dress.

 We went to my mom & dad's for dinner Easter Sunday.
My mom has this cute little flower in her windowsill
and it moves back and forth via a small solar panel.
Abram was mesmerized!

 This little mister turns 2 at the end of this month.
He is growing up so much!
But I think sweater vests have a way of doing that to little misters...
We had been at my grandma's house the day before 
and Abram took a bad tumble on her pavement
earning him a owie lip
but it didn't slow him down for long.

 Miss 'Lizabeth was so excited to wear this "park-ly" dress
that is a hand-me-down from Ruby & Ivy.

 Ivy Joy

 Ruby Kathryn

Cece's first Easter :)

CecePie and Ruby

I didn't get any individual pictures of anyone older than 6
but we actually managed to get a group shot! 
 the back row is Andrew (12), Nathaniel (19), Linnea (14), Cece (6 mos) and Isaiah (17)
in front is Abram (almost 2), Ivy (5), Elizabeth (3), Elijah (8), Ruby (6), and Christopher (9).
*whoa--I had to stop and think on the ages there...they didn't stand in chronological order!*

I can't recall the last time I got a picture of my parents and the children.
I include this one because Abram is smiling so hard it makes me laugh!
And doesn't the back of Cece's head look great?!
Ooh, and look at Elijah's face....awesome.

This one is better...except Abram is chewing on a 
grape that we used as bait to get him to stay within the frame
so he looks like Joey Tribbiani.
"How you doin'?"

 And, because we hadn't all been dressed up and in one place since Cece's baptism,
a picture of all of us.
Again--the back of Cece's head looks great, along with my awkward stance 
to try to get her to look forward.

Also included for your viewing pleasure
is this one of Ivy's muscles and two of my teenagers blinking.
But look--Cece's face!

Mothering eleven children is no small feat, my friends.
Plenty of small feet, yes--
but the rest of this life = no small feat.

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  1. What a great idea to do with bored children !
    Your wee girls are so pretty ! Beautiful eyes and lovely smiles. Just beautiful


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