Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Life In Numbers

15: Number of years I have known my husband
7: Number of children we have
4,589,654: (approximate)Number of times a week I hear "Mmmmmmooooommmmmmmmmmm????????????"
60: number of showers/baths taken/given in a week at our house
6: average loads of laundry I do in a day
21: number of meals I cook each week
7: number of beds for the nine people in our family. One of those is a port-a-crib.
2: number of tv's we have, only one gets any channels. The other is for movies only.
4: number of channels we get
30: number of minutes my children are allotted for tv time each day
112: (approximate) number of diapers I change in a week
14: number of times our dishwasher runs each week
30: number of minutes I have to myself each day. (I go for a walk in the early morning.)
2: number of times I leave the farm each week. Once on Sunday for church and typically one other day. Some weeks, the only time we go anywhere is for church.
1: number of computers we have
55: number of cows my husband milks
6: number of goats our son owns
1: number of goats our daughter owns
2: number of dogs we have
270: number of acres my husband farms
3: number of children I have using one dresser
5,987: (approximate) number of pairs of footwear in our possession
4: number of bedrooms in our home
: seriously, the number of books we have
100: pairs of socks that we own, including "barn socks"
15-20: number of socks who have, sadly, lost their mate
5: number of owies I kiss each day
15: number of times I say "I love you" each day. I wish this number were higher.
immeasurable: how blessed we are

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