Friday, June 19, 2009

Swing, baby, swing

Remember when I said I need to enjoy my kids more?

Well, I'm trying.

I took them to the lake this afternoon.
We were the only ones there--I love that, and so do they.

The water was cold--June-uary in MN will do that.
They played and splashed and ran in and out and in and out of the water.

Then to dry off in preparation for going home time, we went over to play on the swings and the slide.

And even I swung. Or is it swang? I think it's swung.


My point is that I played with them, and we laughed, and I said silly things like "I can't understand why you guys like this--I feel like I'm going to fall!" and "I feel car-sick." and "Boy, after awhile, the motion sickness kind of wears off--this is fun!"

And they laughed at me, and I laughed because I was having fun.
Not because of something funny one of the children said or did, not because it was particularly funny to see this mother of seven on a bright yellow playground swingset--but because it was fun.
And it made me laugh.

We played the silly games of trying to swing together--where you are going back and forth in sync with another swinger child who is swinging. And we laughed about that.

And when I said, "How do I stop?" they laughed and Andrew was yelling, "Just drag your feet--and stop pumping!"

We finished our swinging and headed back for the van that we affectionately call the bus.
On the way home, I heard more than one "That was SO fun."

Linnea chimed in with, "This day would be more funner if we could have pizza!" and I didn't even correct her grammar. It took a supreme effort, I'll tell you that.

I said we had a couple frozen pizzas we could make and she said, "YAY!!! It is more funner!"
Then Nathaniel, who's grammar I have corrected for more years than Linnea, said, "MORE FUN."

To which Linnea replied, "whatever."

It was a good day.
A fun day.
A memorable day.

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  1. I have 2 kids and I ALWAYS play with them on the playgrounds LOL I get funny looks from other parents but hey you gotta let loose and have fun sometimes LOL Glad you are having fun its always a nice thing


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