Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Over the past months, our family has seen God use the hands of our friends and family and strangers to bless us.
We've been given
*groceries--more than once; sometimes smaller amounts, and sometimes boxes of them
*money for groceries/household items--more than once
*a mixer
*a garden. Yes, a man from our church has spent days here, mentoring me and the children on gardening. He has planted two of them; one large one down between the barn and the road, and another up on the lawn--a "kitchen" garden.
*our son's way was paid for a youth trip to Colorado
*a van. (a 1989 Ford Club van, but it has 15 seats. Hey, at least we all fit in it--even if the seats are all a different color. If you see me comin' I won't feel bad if you laugh. Trust me, I am, too.)
*clothes, both gently used and brand-new
*rain gutters
*I know I'm forgetting something.

We have also been covered in prayer by many people.
We are so unworthy--and so blessed.

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