Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pregnant Mammalia

Waddling pregnant woman
chasing the cows that got out:
truly a sight to behold.
Such gracefulness and beauty--all on one farm!

(Anyone who has ever seen a cow run
knows just how sarcastic I am being.
For that matter, anyone who's ever seen
me run would know that, too.)


  1. Hey Missy,
    I love this post! I can picture it as I have seen a cow run...and, although, I haven't actually seen myself run, because...well, I don't run because there would have to be someone pretty scary chasing me! Anyway, I still think it was probably a pretty beautiful sight. Anyone helping put in cows is a beautiful sight!
    Glad to hear all is well with you guys. We will be excited to hear about baby 8! Take care, April

  2. This made me laugh so hard I may have just woken up my son!

    I look forward to reading your blog! I am actually doing my 2nd giveaway! Come on by and check it out...I am givingaway an InStyler! I think it is a pretty big deal--well that was until I found out that blogger who was giving away the new matress! Still-I think it is a big deal for me! Anyhow, it is nice to "meet" you.

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