Saturday, January 2, 2010

You May Be 32 Weeks Pregnant If...

You may be in your 32nd week of pregnancy if:
~you can't quite remember what it was like to take a deep breath.
~you can no longer tie your shoes without grunting.
~you know you'll be up at least twice during the night to go potty.
~getting up out of a chair is a process with multiple steps.
~people alternately say things like "you're not very big" and "you're huge!"
~reaching the sink to wash dishes requires an extension of your arms.
~carrying laundry baskets is getting trickier.
~carrying toddlers on your hip looks so uncomfortable--for the toddler.
~trying to rest with a baby bumping all around inside your belly is more about lying stationary for a few minutes than actually sleeping.
~when you drop something, you stop to think about how badly you really want to retrieve it: Is it worth trying to bend all the way to the floor?
~if you do decide to go for the dropped item, you look around and think "what else could I accomplish now that I'm down here?"
~indigestion is your constant companion.
~you know that in 8 weeks (more or less) you will meet this little person and all of this will be a memory...and I, for one, will miss being pregnant.

I always do.


  1. Melissa,
    too funny!
    Blessings to you and this wee one!

  2. Great recap of life as a pregnant woman. I always loved being pregnant...except toward the end. Then I missed as soon as it was over.

  3. Hey Melissa!
    I can't really say I relate to this post, but I got a kick of out it anyway. Especially the part about seeing what else you can accomplish once you've reached down to the floor. I guess I can sort of relate to that part, but only because of my laziness, not pregnancy! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. I'd somehow missed the "I Want You To Know" post from last April. Just want you to know I enjoyed both, and I also agree with Weston that you cracked me up with seeing what else you can accomplish while "down."


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