Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For Those Who Think I Have It All Together

I so don't.
This is what my living room looks like today.

And here's my kitchen.

So, if you come over today, we could hang out in
Linnea, Andrew, Christopher and Elijah's room
'cause it's clean.

Look at all that floor space!!!
No, the carpet is not pink. It's red. It just looks pink
due to the lighting/camera.
And yes, it is from 1980 thank-you-very-much.

In addition to this bedroom,
I could host a small gathering in the bathtub
as it, too, got cleaned today.

But that's about all I've done.

Oh, well, unless you count
wash a load of laundry,
feed the baby,
dress the littles,
feed the baby,
start another load of clothes,
shower and dress myself,
feed the baby,
hang out the laundry,
and and assortment of diaper changes.
You know, the usual...


  1. love it...it looks like a happy and typical day at our house as well. Keep on being real...=)

  2. AMEN! Our house is always a disaster...not saying yours is, but ours sure is in tough shape all the time.

  3. I don't understand why we can be late for church because we have to pick up so no one sees a messy house but it's OK to place pictures on her blog that who knows how many people can see.

    By the way my wife is pretty amazing.

    Father of eight.

  4. To Father Of Eight,
    I have an idea who you might be, but I won't "out" you. It might upset the harmonious balance that is every waking moment. ;)


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