Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday--My Portable Changing Basket

The Sunday after Ivy was born,
I was sitting in the rocker in Ruby's room
nursing the baby.

And then it hit me.
"Huh. I hadn't really thought through how I was
going to change a newborn throughout the
day and night without waking up the toddler."

(the changing table is in Ruby's room)

Then I spotted the basket I was using for books in
her room and thought
"Hey--I could make a little portable changing
station out of that!"

(It's down-right uncanny how my mind works,
ain't it??)

So I did.
Diapers, wipes, an extra outfit and onesie and receiving blanket
along with a blanket to lay down underneath
her while I change her diaper.

Works for me!

disclaimer: I do use cloth diapers, although you only see the disposables in the basket. Newborns are so skinny and tiny that it takes a few weeks for the cloths that I have to fit.
Also, I'm real enough to know my limits.
I give myself permission to NOT use cloth all the time!

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