Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Does Three in Diapers Look Like?

This is what stands next to the changing table/dresser
in Ruby's room.
(A dresser top is what I use for a changing table.)

There are three different sizes of cloth prefolds
in these stackable bins.

(The bins sit on top of a dresser of sorts:
four wicker baskets in a stand.
This serves as Ivy's dresser.)

Ivy's diapers are on top,
Ruby's 6 plys are in the middle
and the 8 plys for night-time are on the bottom.

Most days, Elijah wears pullups
as he is potty training,
but if I do need to diaper him, he wears an 8-ply.

I'm sort of used to three in diapers.
But I wasn't always.
I remember when I was pregnant with Ruby,
I was giving the two little boys a bath
and I had this moment...
the moment when I knew that I would have
Seriously, it took my breath away.
I actually cried.

Then I got a grip,
realized it wasn't going to be that bad,
and continued with the bath.

And it really isn't that bad.

But we are working on having
*only* two in diapers...

1 comment:

  1. I think your posts are the most creative...how do you think of these things? I have to say i haven't had 3 in diapers...but 2 is close enough...=)


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