Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And now...

Elijah's really been pushing my buttons lately.

He seems to really be checking the boundaries.

I've had to spend a lot of time correcting and addressing his behavior.

He had definitely reached my limit when he tossed something in the kitchen
that I had told him to just set down.

He had crossed the line--
I had told him what I had expected of him and 
he deliberately disobeyed.

This earned him two swats:
one for doing the naughty thing
and one for deliberate disobedience.

I was at the sink when it happened
and a drawer was open near me.
I shut the drawer in frustration and
turned to handle the behavior of my son.

Well, right when I shut the drawer,
the mouse trap under the sink went off.

I froze.

I stepped away from the sink,
pulling Elijah with me.
(as if a mouse--in a trap, no less--is going to
suddenly plow through the child locked door,
teeth gnashing and fury unleashed.
Hey--it could happen.  I was just playin' it safe.)

Brave adult that I am,
I told one of the kids to open the door
and look in to see if a mouse had just bit the dust.

Andrew looked in,
no mouse in the trap.
Apparently, when I shut the drawer,
it had caused just enough movement in the cupboard to set off the trap.

Wait--wasn't I in the middle of something?

Oh yes--correcting Elijah.
I was still holding his hand
and so we continued on our way out of the room
to take care of the issue he was having.

As I turned to go,
I heard Nathaniel say,
"and now, back to your regularly scheduled programming..."

That guy makes me laugh out loud every day.

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