Friday, October 22, 2010

Is There a Sign for That?

If you're my friend on facebook,
you may recall that we recently "climbed a mountain".

(If you're not my friend on facebook,
why in the world not?)

As the children were getting ready that morning,
one was poky:
Elijah was not getting dressed in a timely manner.

I said to him, as I occasionally will to the other kids,
"You need to get dressed now.  You can't go to __________________ if you're
naked." (or, in your pajamas, or whatever stage of getting dressed I find them in.) 

Christopher heard me say this to him and he came up to me and asked,
"Really??  Is there a sign on the mountain that says you can't climb it if you're naked?"

Um, no.
But it's one of Mommy's rules:
Don't climb mountains if you're naked.
It's just a good policy to live by.

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  1. Yes...Melissa...we NEED to get together!! What day would work for you maybe next week someday...perhaps Wed? I only have 2 kiddos on my hip that day so we could come over or you could come over here...whatever is easiest. Let me know!!


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