Monday, October 18, 2010

Ridin' with Dad

If Dennis is making a trip to town
and he says, "Who wants to go with me?"
you'd better step out of the way--
children call out "ME! ME!"
"Mom, can I?  Please?  Can I go with him?"
Others are running for their shoes, 
some are rushing to finish their math
so they can go.

I'm usually sitting back thinking
this is very different from when I need to go to town.

If I say I need to make a trip in to town
I'm usually met with,
"Can I stay home?"

So what's the deal?
Why do they trip over one another
just to go with him?

Here's what I think:
1. They don't get to spend much time with him
and riding in the same vehicle with him is rare--therefore it is special.

2. His truck is way cooler than the van I drive, particularly if he's hauling something.
Even if he takes the van, it must be that he drives cooler than me.  I don't know.

3. He buys them each a pop--and doesn't make them share.  
(We live in MN.  It's pop here.)

4.  He turns up the radio really loud and listens to classic country.
(think Dukes of Hazzard theme here)

5. When they belch from drinking all that pop, he doesn't scold them.
He says, "Good one."

No wonder they want to ride with Dad.


  1. Maybe my wife could run to me like the kids do saying take me, take me.


  2. I'm sooooo not commenting on your post Dennis........

  3. I know just what you are saying!
    It happens to me too!
    I think it's a guy thing.


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