Sunday, May 29, 2011

AWANA Award's Night--a little late...

The younger children participate in 
a Scripture memory program.

They LOVE it, and so do I.

A few weeks ago they had their 
end of the year award's night.

Here are a few pictures from that night.
The "Cubbies" (4 &5 year olds)
singing one of their songs.  
(Christopher's on the far right and 
you can't see Elijah--he's crouched behind someone, I guess.)

Christopher getting his certificate.

and Elijah getting his, along with a Cubbie Bear to 
sew onto his vest.
He was SO excited to get that!
He had wondered if he would, and I had answered
that I was pretty sure, but didn't know for sure.
When he got back to me in the pew, 
he "whispered" in a big stage whisper,
"Mom!  I DID get a Cubbie Bear!!  I was RIGHT!!"

Andrew is in the Sparks group.
He is the second kid from the left.

His award for finishing two books this year!
(That's my dad and my grandpa behind Andrew in our pew.
Oh--and our friend Isaac in the pew behind us!)

Linnea was the "last girl standing" in her 
T&T group.  (T&T stands for Truth and Training.)
Linnea finished THREE books this year--and then did the third book again
and they still had to find other things for her to do!
She really likes AWANA--if her over-achieving is any indication.
However, the Word of God is being written on her heart
through this program
and of that, we are so happy.
She became dear friends with one of her leaders, Tammy.

And now, a picture that falls into my
"Favorite Pictures of Elijah" file:
You can probably guess why that would be.

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  1. This is a great organization! My kids were in Awana when they were little (we lived in Forest Lake then). - Laurie J.


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