Monday, May 30, 2011

They Make Their Own Fun

It's really no secret that my boys come up with some
crazy fun ideas.
So when they realized that they could
ride down the slope of the yard 
in their dump trucks on this piece of steel
it came as no surprise.

Linnea joined in, too!

"Racing" to see who reaches the bottom first.

Christopher was the first to discover that if you 
keep going off the grass and onto the driveway,
it's a pretty good jump.
Also not surprising.

Elijah zooming away!

Back to the top--

aaaaaaaaand down again!
and again, and again, and again...

Ivy was kept at a safe distance,
and not because she wanted to be safe.
She obeyed against her will.

and then they gave her a ride. :)
(Ruby has since decided to be very brave and
drive down the hill, too;
I just don't have a picture of it.
I looked away one afternoon
and was surprised to look back and see 
her zooming down the hill! 
She thought it was great--and even
remembered to use her feet to put on the "brakes"!)

Living on a farm can be a pretty good deal.


  1. Your boys are an inspiration to mine ;). LOVE their imaginations and creativity!


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