Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Third Post

A couple things that I want to address is that we love our pastors and appreciate that they invest in our family, they are a blessing to us.  It is good to have others who can be accountability partners, prayer warriors, and true friends. We do not want to take credibility away from them by any means and we know that they do have our best interests at heart.
We belong to a church that believes that the Bible is 100 percent inerrant, and that we can have eternal life through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.
I needed to say this because it seemed like some of the comments were heading in a direction that did not fit how we feel about our pastors.
My goal for writing my response on Monday was to show Melissa that I do not want her to be so discouraged that she quits blogging, and I believe I accomplished that; it was not meant to take issue with our pastor.



  1. I hope my post didn't show any disrespect toward your pastor. It wasn't intended. I know the importance of having a supportive, involved pastor and church family. My post was only intended to show support to Melissa. It just so happens that this is a subject that I feel quite passionate about. :-)For years I didn't talk about any of my life that wasn't "good," so I really appreciated the openness and honesty of that post. As long as there isn't disrespect (which I didn't hear in Melissa's post).

  2. Oh, no, Kelly--not at ALL! Your comment was fine! I so appreciated everyone's input and encouraging words.
    I am in the process of sorting through many many things...I hope to have a post put together soon.
    Thanks so much for reading and for caring.
    I am blessed to have you as a sister in Christ.

  3. Melissa...please come back!! I miss you!

  4. I'm processing...thanks, Kim! You are an encouragement to me.

    Kelly--I don't know what happened to yours and my comments. Blogger had a HUGE meltdown the other day and posts were deleted, then replaced, but the comments are lost.
    Just wanted to be clear that I had not taken down any post or comments.

  5. I jumped on before it went down...then tried to get on to comment back to you and there was something wrong, so I figured it just got losts somewhere in cyber land!
    I pray you are all doing well...and that you are feeling good with that little one growing.

    Love in Christ-


  6. I am the 'stalker' type of reader. I enjoy your blog so much, but don't really know you, and would never normally comment. I miss your writing, though. I especially liked the blog that caused all of the furor! It was... real. And dedicated. As a woman who is about to become a Grandma, I understand completely what you were saying - and you set a Godly example of the realities of conflict and disharmony, which happen in every marriage. You did it in a way that wasn't disparaging of your husband (in fact, it portrayed him favorably in my opinion) and you admitted your own faults.

    You set a wonderful example for teens and young adults on getting through a rough patch. And you have my admiration.


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