Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm Blessed

You'd think I'd have remembered that Mondays
are for 
I'm Blessed posts--but I didn't.

But I remembered now.
(Does it count as remembering if I didn't think of it until I read
Gretchen's blog?  I'm not sure...)

I'm Blessed--and here's how:
~Yesterday was Dennis' birthday--his 37th.
~We went to church and no one even argued/fought/got carsick/had a leaky diaper.
~I had a delightful visit with friends right after church.
~Dennis grilled some good hotdogs for dinner.
~Ivy took a gooooooooood long nap.
~Dennis and I each got a nap, too!
~Even though it was/is beastly hot and humid, so far all the animals are alive.
~Dennis and I went out for supper for his birthday, and then went for a drive.
(I know, we're not even 65 but we still like to go "for a drive.")
~We ended up out near Gretchen and Knut's, so we stopped by.
(This is SO unlike me, because the thought of unexpected company pretty much gives me hives.  Dennis, however, not so.  He loves to stop by and I'm the one freaking out going "we should have called!" and he's the one saying "how dumb is that if we're driving right by?  We'll just stop by and say "hi"!"
We did and had a wonderful little visit.  It was like dessert after our supper out--without the calories.)
~I'm blessed at the way God teaches me things.
~I'm so thankful for His hand of protection over all my pregnancies/births.
At just over half-way, this is a fun time of feeling the baby a lot and looking quite pregnant,
and not yet to the point where I can't breathe, touch my toes, or complete a thought.  

Finally, I am blessed to know Gretchen.  I'm not being sappy about that, either.
Though we haven't known each other all that long, 
she has become a dear friend and sister in Christ.

Feel free to head on over to read her post and others to see how God is working--and we know He IS working.
Leave a comment there and here to share how God has blessed YOU! 


  1. I'm with Dennis on this one because I would have been very mad at you had you driven by and not stopped by! I have no problem with long as they don't mind messes! If you call first next time I'll make sure you get a dessert with some serious calories. (That's supposed to be enticement...not a threat.)

  2. I have felt especially blessed in the past few days by both intentional and unexpected visits from friends-- whether in person, by mail, or by phone.
    I have been blessed in remembering how great God's love is for me and the high calling He's given me as His child to love others.
    I was blessed to not have to do the dishes last night (thank you brett...) when feeling sick.


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