Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life on Our Farm

Our kids are in 4-H, so the early part of summer 
is spent making sure we get the calves out and train them to lead.
And by "we", I don't mean "me."
Now that the kids are older, they can do much of this on their own
and I no longer need to take such an active roll in trying not to get stepped on.

Here is Andrew with his calf, Maggie.

Christopher with Angel.

Elijah loves the calf, the calf loves the dog.

Elijah loves the dog, too.

Linnea spelled Christopher
and the calf thought her shirt looked tasty.

Ivy was very interested in the baby calf

baby calves love to suck fingers
Ivy thought this looked interesting too.

Her level of interest changed quickly
once the calf took an interest in Ivy.

(That Miss Ivy has absolutely NO FEAR.
She would walk up to just about anything!
It makes this mama a bit nervous--
the good thing is, she listens well when told 
not to touch, to stay back, or to come back to Mommy.)

We only have two full weeks left to get everyone ready to go.
Here's to workin' hard!

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  1. I used to be in 4-H too. We lived on 10 acres in the country, but it wasn't a farm. My grandparents had a dairy farm, though, and so about 3 weeks before the fair we would go out to the farm and "borrow" a calf, bring it home, and tie it up to the telephone pole in our backyard. It had a tree to shelter under, and we basically gave it a crash course in leading. Your photos bring back so many good memories of that time for me!


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