Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Happening Again

Ahhhhhh, the last weeks of pregnancy.
~waking all through the night even if I don't need to use the bathroom
~getting me up off the couch is a group effort,
or at the least, something at which my family laughs and points.
~baby's kicks and movements move my whole body
~I cry. Easily.
~In a phone conversation, the other person naturally assumes I am that out of breath because I'm doing back flips up and down the stairs when really, I'm just sitting in a chair.  
~I'm distracted with thoughts of baby's arrival.
~These warm-up contractions take my breath away.
(Dennis told me just after Ivy was born that if anyone asked me how long I was in labor I should tell them three weeks.  I've been told that warm-up contractions are more significant the more babies one has.  I would have to agree.)
~A 10 lb. bag of ice lasts me four days.
~Standing in front of the sink to wash the dishes requires me to turn to the side so that I can get near enough to reach the water.
~Consumption of toilet paper in our house has risen substantially.  
~I am commonly heard saying "Go ahead *breath*, I'll (try to)*breath* catch up."


  1. I just have to laugh at how INCREDIBLY accurate this is! Number 6 should be here in about a week and I am so excited to be able to breathe again! That and I prefer to get up through the night to feed a baby instead of having to just go to the bathroom for the hundredth time, LOL!

    Best wishes to you in this last few weeks of your pregnancy! I love reading your blog!

  2. Do you "usually" go early or late or right on your due date? Oh, about due dates...have you ever had a baby ON your dues date? They say only 2% of people do...I was one of that 2% :)

  3. Ann--best wishes to you as wait for your new baby! Won't be much longer!!

    Salena--oooh, I think I'll write a post about that! (The answer is, I don't have a "usual".)


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