Thursday, October 20, 2011

I {Still} Love My BeBand

At this stage in the game, I find that cohesive thought is a thing of the past.
And so, I direct your attention to a re-run:

Oh, and look!  I just noticed that the post about my BeBand was written on Ivy's Day Before! 


  1. I just read about these on the internet the other day and I was reminded of the baby belly bands. Many years ago, they put belly bands on newborns to protect the stub (I don't know what else to call it) of the umbilical cord! Must've taken a long time to heal!

    I wonder if it's to late for me to use the Beband....I'd love to tighten up my middle! ha ha ha!!


  2. just re-read your "Day Before" post and saw that Z. had commented about how he felt the day before Grandma K died.....I almost started to cry and it's been years since then.


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