Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Day Before

I've been thinking lately about "the day before."

You know, the day before something big happens--when you didn't know that that something big was going to happen.

Like the day before I met Dennis, we would have both been at the County Fair. (That's where we met, and it's four days long and 4-Hers pretty much live up there those four days. In fact, at that time, you actually could stay right on the grounds or in the barns. Dennis used to do that, I didn't. Anyway, they don't let people stay that way anymore.)

Ok, so back to the story...
I met Dennis on a Saturday, so the day before would have been Friday (duh) which means we would have each been showing our calves. In fact, my mother-in-law came across a picture years ago of Dennis and I from that day, each showing in the same class, with no idea who one another was. He was about 3 people down from me. I was always SO nervous in the show ring, while he was (and still is) like a professional in that department.
I just think it's funny that we were that close and had no idea that we would one day be married. And have all these great kids!!!
Incidentally, I do remember my mom pointing him out to me later in the day as that guy "who bought his own herd of cows and is only like 19 or something." And I also remember my dad talking about "some crazy young guy who rode his steer through the horse barn to prove some point." (That'd be Dennis. The "horse people" used to ride their horses through the dairy barns and scare the begeebers out of the animals, not to mention take up all the aisle space for people to walk through. So, my husband, Mr. What's Fair is Fair, climbed aboard his beef steer "Red" and rode it through the horse barn. Yep. And then Red decided to leave his mark in the form of a cowpie right in the middle of the aisle. {Would you call it a "cowpie" even if it wasn't left by a cow? Hmmmmm.....} At least the young man had the grace to go clean it up. My dad thought it was a stupid, stupid stunt. I remember he was pretty adamant about that.)

Ok, so my point is, I had no idea the day before, that I would meet my husband the next day.

At this point in my pregnancy, I'm thinking alot about the day before.
And other days before.

We had no idea that my Grandpa would die the day that he did. The day before was a Tuesday and I was gearing up with the kids for the Fair that would begin the next day. The morning of the day that he died, I was hurriedly getting everything in order for us to go. And I got a phone call from my mom that he had collapsed and they were rushing him to the hospital. You just never know what might happen in a day, that's for sure.

On a much lighter note, the day before Nathaniel was born was a Monday. I know I went to school, and that's about all. I didn't have any idea that he would be born the next day.

Isaiah was born on a Sunday morning. I do remember that on Saturday I was cleaning like a mad woman. I remember having some "off" sensations and wondering if I was in labor. I got the house totally clean and then laid down on the couch late that night. And thought, oh--yep. I'm pretty sure I'm in labor.

Linnea was scheduled to be induced on a Thursday morning. (I used to think inductions were an ok idea. I don't anymore. Not from any horrific experience or anything--I just think they are really unnecessary in too many cases. Watch "The Business of Being Born". EYE OPENING.)
So, because I knew she'd be coming the next day, I again cleaned house like a mad woman, went to bed at midnight. Woke up at like 1:30, thought, gee, I'm hungry. Had an apple. Went back to sleep, woke up again at like 3:30 and thought, yep--I'm in labor. And the next day, I was really wishing I had rested up instead of cleaning so much. The house was totally trashed by the time I came back home again anyway. I ended up not needing the induction, though!

I was induced with Andrew on a Monday. Sunday was spent with me making every kind of list I possibly could make. Phone numbers, who likes to eat what, when the kids should go to bed, etc. etc. I did rest a bit.

Mr. Christopher was born on a Sunday. The day before I was at my sister's wedding. I sang for it even! I had absolutely NO IDEA that he would be coming the next day. I was totally exhausted from the busy-ness of the wedding, and so were my parents who ended up taking care of the other children while I was at the hospital. Labor was really tiring, I remember. I also remember exactly what I was doing the day before he was born!

Elijah was born on a Tuesday morning. The day before, I remember I was pretty pensive and just felt "different". We went in during the middle of the night/early morning, like 2 or something, and when the nurse checked me I was at 7. With no contractions and only a feeling that something was happening.

Ruby was born on Labor Day--a Monday. I remember that Sunday was spent scrapbooking all day. As was Saturday and Friday. The kids had all spent the weekend with my parents going to a rodeo and then just having fun at their house.
I had a table all set up in the living room and had caught up on about 2 years of pictures during the 10 days before she was born. I was determined to get caught up before she arrived and I did! I even got it all put away Sunday evening! I spent pretty much the entire weekend sitting on my big exercise ball at that card table because a chair was too uncomfortable.

So now, with Baby #8, each day I wonder could this be the day before? I'm trying to pay attention so that I'll remember.
I know I could certainly have quite a few days before Baby comes, but I start to get antsy. And then I tell myself what I tell every pregnant lady--be careful not to wish away the last weeks of pregnancy. Rub that baby bump, because soon enough it will be gone, and in its place will be a mushy flabby non-pregnant belly. And I'll wish I could go back. And sleep. And not schedule everything in hour-and-a-half increments around the nursing babe.

Do you remember what you were doing on a day before in your life?
Do you want to share?
Go ahead and leave a comment! It's not hard, I promise!


  1. I remember the day before my grandma died I wanted to go with my dad to visit her and my grandpa.

  2. Love it! I'll have to think about what I was doing the day before my children came...with Josiah I had the summer off from teaching and had everything cleaned, washed, organized and packed weeks before his arrival. He was 5 days overdue and he just didn't want to come. I was getting a bit antsy. Exactly a month before Jeremiah was born we moved here. I was frantic to get everything put in its place before he came and my nesting went into overdrive. The last two were planned c-sections. The day before Faith came I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday at Hunan. I relished in the freedom of that afternoon and lovingly rubbed my belly knowing I would meet her the next day. The week before Hope was born I frantically finished up the school year with the boys and did their yearly CAT tests, so we could just relax and enjoy the entire summer without thinking about school for three whole months. I cleaned, and organized late into every night/morning the week of her arrival and then my mom, bless her heart, had my house sparkling clean when I came home. Thanks for having me remember those days. Such fond memories.

    For Lance and I, we lived a half a block away from each other for a month before we met. My roommates knew him and I knew his roommate, but we hadn't met each other. The night I met him I was at an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship meeting at MSU and saw his roommate talking to Lance in the hallway -- I thought his roommate was witnessing to him. LOL! That's a whole story in itself. We were good friends for two years before we even started dating. Fun! :)

  3. This is one of the sweetest things I've ever read!


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