Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

WFMW: Re-Wearing Pajamas to Save the Laundry Lady
aka: Mom

We wear a lot of clothes here.
I imagine you wear a lot of clothes at your house, too.

We are a lot of people, and so the amount of clothes
is likely to be more than in the "average" household.

We also have the barn clothes,
as well as the cloth diapers.

My washing machine is a dear, dear friend of mine.

And even though I like spending so much time with my washing machine,
(I actually do enjoy doing laundry)
I also like spending time with my kids.

One way to cut down just a bit on the laundry is to wear pajamas more than once.
Really, how dirty can they get?
We do baths/showers before bedtime,
they get up and get dressed.
So unless someone had a leaky diaper,
or someone had a leaky diaper who shares the same bed with you,
we wear pj's twice.

Works for me!


  1. I've always had the boys wear their pjs 2-3 nights before washing, and I don't have NEARLY the laundry you do!

  2. That's pretty good! When my kids are in diapers they wear new jammies every night, unless they are nearly potty trained. But once that diaper comes off I admit they get washed once or twice a week -- more in the summer when they sweat. Works for me!


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