Friday, February 5, 2010

Barely Even Showing--yeah, right

Me at 37 weeks

I'm pretty sure this is why
I hear comments like
"Why, you're barely even showing!!"

Yeah, pretty sure that's it.
'Cause I'm so small and all that.

Why do people say such a thing to
a pregnant lady?
When you feel just plain big,
why tell her you can barely even
tell that she's pregnant?
That has never made me feel better,
that's for sure!
I actually prefer the
"Are you sure it's only one in there?"
type of comments!

As an aside, this picture has a lot up above my head
in an effort to not capture for all blog-time
all the stuff on the floor
if Dennis would have focused the camera
any differently.
I'm jus' bein' real here, folks.

And because, well,
who doesn't like a good picture
of an alphabet now and then?

Oh, and as another aside,
Dennis really wants me to grow
my hair long again.

So I am.

That's why I look very different than
the picture in the upper right
on my bloggity.
And because I'm so
accommodating of my husband's wishes.
Ain't he lucky???


  1. You are absolutely adorable and I am hopin I am workin!!!
    btw. love the song that always pops on "Family tree" makes me :)

  2. Hey Lori--you and Kim H. are just gonna have to fight for it.
    She's been after me, too!
    And btw, I hope you BOTH are working when Baby makes his/her appearance!

  3. I think you look radiant! When I saw the maps it inspired me to get some. I have globes and an atlas, but it sure would be nice just to have them on the wall. Thanks for the inspiration! Love all the recent pictures of the kids. :)


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