Sunday, February 28, 2010


Being overdue is a lot easier to deal with when it's not you...


  1. I feel your pain....just keep thinking...any day...any hour, or any minute it could happen...c'mon water...just break...leak or something!!

  2. Aww man that is tough. I've never gone overdue with my girls. I just want to remind you to try and enjoy every minute because you will miss it when he/she is here.

    Still praying!

  3. Kim--that's my consolation. It really could be anytime! When I go to bed, I think, it could be during the night. When I wake up, I think, today could be the day!

    Z--I know. This must be terribly hard for you.

    Vanessa--I've been trying to lock these days into my memory. You are SO right, because I will look back about a week after s/he is born and say that I wish I was still pregnant. Thank you for your prayers.

  4. It's not just me,it's also two others(don't know about the third one).

  5. Hey Melissa,

    Jess says all it takes is trying to use a hool-a-hoop and yoga....worked for her! We are anxiously waiting with you!

    Love, Tammy

  6. Tammy--I've been doing my exercises every day. Not yoga, but a workout video that I have. I cannot hula hoop, but I guess it'd be worth trying to learn how. As long as the curtains were shut tightly so the milk truck driver wouldn't get scared away...

    Z---Ohhhhh! I thought it was just YOU who was impatient. Knowing that there are at least two others in your household, well...I'd better get on it, hadn't I? =)


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