Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Baby Chronicles--Change

I'm  almost 36 weeks--roughly four weeks left to go.
I am amazed each and every time how 9 months can pass so slowly and yet whiz by at the same time.

With the other babies, I did just as I was told and went to the dr. fairly soon
and followed up at four week-, then two week-, and finally went to weekly appointments.

I was beginning to view this as unnecessary for me during Ivy's pregnancy,
and became even more convinced that that wasn't the route I needed to take
the more I researched the differences between the obstetrical model of care and the midwifery model of care.
What I really, really, really, really wanted was to have Ivy at home but that didn't happen.
I really, really, really, really had my heart set on a homebirth this time, but that isn't going to happen, either, for the same reason.

I know enough about pregnancy and birth to realize I don't need all the appointments, tests, and procedures that medical world tries to tell me I need.
I also know enough to be able to make trustworthy decisions that work for us without being reckless or negligent.

And so, we made a change.
I went to an appointment with my ob at about 18 weeks at the clinic/hospital where I've delivered all eight of the children because I needed to have a form signed for our insurance to verify the pregnancy.
I told him I'd call to make the next appointment sometime down the road.

For several weeks, I did "nothing".
At this point, I was holding the homebirth option in my back pocket, so to speak.
When I realized that a homebirth was not an option,
I knew I needed to find a middle ground of sorts.
I knew that I'd have to birth in a hospital,
but I wanted it to be alongside the care of midwife;
this would require me to face one of my biggest challenges: change.
 I'm treading new ground for me:
a new caregiver, a new clinic, and a new hospital in a new town.

My friend Megan will be coming with as my doula like she did with Ivy.
Dennis will be there, too, of course
so it won't be entirely different!

It's all becoming very real as the date draws closer.
I know when I turn the calendar page to November,
then it will really hit me that this baby will be here soon!


  1. Good luck Melissa! I had a friend who was DEAD SET on a home birth last year. make a very long story short, she needed an emergency C-Section, baby went to long after the water broke, and he was in the NICU for awhile.
    Even one little story like that scares me and makes me glad you are doing a hospital birth, but at the same time, that was her first. Your body is your temple, and it talks to you.
    Whatever you decide now or down the road is what's best for you. All we can do is respect one another's decisions. Good luck!

  2. Ahhhhh, I was hoping you would get your homebirth this time, maybe with baby #10? :)
    Praying for you and an awesome delivery, can't wait to see your new little blessing!

  3. does this mean no LRHC? I am bummed since I always enjoy you coming in!! Good luck with your new adventure!! Fun to change things up a bit too!! Hugs!!

  4. I was so wishing for a homebirth for you as well!! But I think the choice in hospital you are making is the next best thing around here! I was so blessed to be with you during Ivy's birth and cannot wait to be with you this time as well! You are going to do great! You are almost there! I hear some talk of a birth center coming at some point in the future in our town, so maybe that will be an option if a homebirth isn't for the next one :) Love you Melissa and I can't wait to meet your little one!

  5. Bonnie--for every "bad" homebirth story, I could give you 50 hospital-birth-gone-wrong stories. Absolutely, though, we need to respect each other's decisions! :)

    Salena--I hope so!!

    Kim--that's right--no LRHC. I will miss chatting with you! And the rest of the ladies, too! The Alex clinic has midwives and I am seeing one of them.

    Megan--you were so helpful to me and I'm so glad you'll be there with us again. And a birth center here would be FABulous!

  6. I've heard only GREAT things ablout the clinic in Alex!

  7. Just saw this now...yay for Alex!! I LOVED giving birth there with my beloved midwife (can you tell I had 2 really great experiences?). Who is your midwife? Praying for you as your time gets closer!

  8. My midwife is Jen and since I saw your family picture on her wall, I'm assuming you have her, too. :)

  9. YESSSSSS!!!!!!! Did I scream that loud enough?!?! ;) I LOVE Jen. Ummm...seriously love her. She is absolutely incredible during labor/birth and listens to you.

    Oh this makes me so happy for you dear friend!! :)


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