Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love Mulitiplied

I've heard people express their sympathies to the baby of a large family,
supposing that the poor thing must not get any attention--is hardly held or talked to.
Poor baby could hardly compete in such a large crowd.

It has been my experience that
nothing could be farther than the truth.

Elizabeth could probably count on one hand (if she could count, that is) the number of minutes she's been left "un-attended."  
In fact, I feel bad for my older kids who, when they were babies, had to wait until Mama could come to them like if I was in the shower or making supper.

Elizabeth always has someone to hold her.
If she happens to be sleeping in her little bassinet (and not in someone's arms), she needs only to sound the slightest little whimper and--no kidding--you had better stand aside because one of the kids will be literally running to her rescue.

Poor baby?
I think not.


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