Saturday, January 14, 2012

To Answer Your Questions

In Elizabeth's Birth Story Part 2, The Mom asked some questions.

Who announced her gender? And did you already have a girl name picked out?

I answer.

Jen, my midwife, said something like "Baby's here!" and held her in such a way for Dennis to announce the gender.  He was busy looking at me.
This picture, though the angle is straight-on, is what he was doing.  I like this one.

Finally, Jen was like, "If you don't tell her what it is, I WILL!!"
She was so excited.

He told me we had a girl and I was so surprised.  I was so convinced she was a boy.  SO convinced.

However, we did have a girl name picked out.  We had two, actually.  The middle name would have remained the same with either first name.  I won't tell you what else we had picked out, because I'm kind of freakishly private about baby's names before they are born.

Our boy name and the other girl name remains on our "list" which is kept only in my head.  :-)

Now you know.


  1. awesome, thanks for answering me, love this!!!

  2. As long as her middle name remained the same....I don't CARE what her first name is...:-) Elizabeth GRACE sure is pretty!!! Give her a kiss from her Auntie Diane GRACE!!!!!

  3. Jen did the exact same thing to us about Zoelle's name because we hesitated! :)


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