Friday, January 20, 2012

What's Changed?

One might think that having a new baby is old hat around here.
To a degree, that's true--we're pretty used to welcoming a new one.
But on the other hand, a new baby is still just that--new.
It's always an adjustment when a new baby joins our family.

So let's see...what has changed since Elizabeth's birth?

  • I've brought my dryer out of retirement.  It was necessary.  For the first couple weeks, I used it regularly. Now the old gal is in semi-retirement; I hang up about 75% of the laundry, condensing loads to only run the dryer for what's left.  
  • I sleep late.  I don't care.  If I've been up several times through the night with the baby, I will sleep in.  Linnea and Andrew are able to handle things while I get through the shower and get the baby fed and dressed for the day.
  • Elizabeth is finally getting her days/nights straightened out.  The first three weeks were absolutely AWFUL.  She was up ALL night.  I was a wreck--an absolute WRECK.  I had not slept for about the last three weeks of my pregnancy with her, so that made six weeks of no sleep.  I'm feeling much more human and much less desperate.
  • We've eaten more macaroni and cheese than we have, well, since Ivy's birth.  You do whatcha gotta do.
  • We're back to baby-gear-all-over-the-place.  The boppy pillow, the bouncy seat, the bassinet, the carseat, the baby bathtub, blankets, burp rags and pacifiers.

Some things, though, never change.
  • the children LOVE the new baby.  Elijah loves to "pet" her hair and it's difficult for anyone else to get a chance to hold her because Elijah, Christopher, and Ruby are constantly wanting to!  
  • I LOVE my new baby.  :)  It continues to amaze what a miracle life is.  That she once grew within me and is completely dependent on me for her survival is an awesome thing.  I hope I never take that for granted.


  1. I sense such peace in this post. I love hearing about your life Melissa. And I can almost smell that sweet baby through the computer.

  2. Very well said! :) It truly is an amazing thing! When I look at/snuggle/hold/listen to these little ones, I feel so utterly blessed! :) God bless you and your beautiful, precious family! :)


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