Sunday, January 15, 2012

On Writing

I write a lot of posts that you never see.
It's not that they are too private or too bold.
It's not that I write them and then change my mind about publishing them.

It's because I write them when I'm in the shower.
I write them when I drive.
I write them when I'm feeding the baby, when I'm giving the kids a bath, and when I'm falling asleep at night.

They are all grammatically correct, insightful, and oh-so-witty.
The trouble is, they are all written in my head.

And when I come to the computer thinking I'll remember what it was that I had "written"--they're gone.


  1. Happens to me....ALL. THE. TIME. I can totally relate! Hope all is going well with your new little miss in the house. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Yes, yes, YES! ALL THE TIME!!!


    I just try to trust God that if it's an important subject, thought, etc that He'll bring it back later... maybe...

  3. Me too!! And I dislike it very much! My posts always sound so much better in my head too!

  4. Just discovered your blog today and have found myself enjoying your posts and relating as well!! I'm a farmer's wife, mom to 5 and homeschooler loving life in Iowa!! This post is one that says it all!!! Thanks for sharing your heart and making the effort to find the time to do it! Easier said than done, I know!! Blessings, jill


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