Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birth Disappointment

I was talking with my friend Megan today,
(who was also my doula for Ivy and Elizabeth)
and we re-visited my experience with birthing Elizabeth.

It's helpful for me to talk to Megan about the disappointments
surrounding E's birth because 
*she was there
*she's a woman/mommy
*she had a disappointing birth experience with her daughter, too.

She sent me this article and I think it's one everyone should read,
whether you are expecting a baby yourself or ever have a conversation with someone who has had a baby.


  1. That is a fantastic article, that I'm just getting to read now. Birth can be so tramatic and I never thought of saying "at least you have a healthy baby" as hurtful. I agree, though, that it completely disregards the hurt the mother is going through.

    I think birth is so misunderstood. I cannot state that strongly enough.

  2. That was a great article! Thank you so much for sharing that! Like you said, I think everyone can benefit from better understanding the feelings that many women deal with. I also applaud you for having the courage to share your birth stories and your feelings so openly. So many women feel like they are the only ones experiencing those kind of feelings, and feel ashamed, etc. Thank you for helping to dispel some of the myths and let women know that they are not alone.


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