Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Afternoon Adventure

Sometimes I get in the mood to do something fun.
My husband and children would attest to the fact that I'm am NOT at ALL spontaneous.

But sometimes, sometimes,
I set my work aside and try to remember to have fun.
Like when we did this.
It's a step for me--a big step.

So on Friday, 
I announced to my crew that I was going to take them sledding in town at the sledding hill,
which is just the hill leading to the ball field in the big town with a population of like 225.
I thought it would be fun for all the kids to go,
but my bigger kids didn't.
They didn't want to go and so I let them stay home.

I headed out with Andrew, Christopher, Elijah, Ruby, Ivy and Elizabeth.
It was a balmy day and our snow is pretty much all melted so that's why we headed to town.

I was a little worried when we pulled up next to the ball field because there wasn't a whole lot of snow there, either!  There was enough to slide down on and it's a good thing it wasn't deep because I forgot that I don't even own a pair of boots!  

Bipper on the snowboard 

Ruby blazed her own trail 

So proud!!




 Straight line all the way down!

Andrew knee-boarding

Andrew was a good helper--up and down!! 

 I even went down one time with Elijah on his sled
but then he told me I shouldn't ride again
'cause I was too big.
That's always good for Mom's self-esteem.

 Andrew, always the hot-rod.

 Bipper takin' a break

 makin' a train that stayed together all the way down!

Baby 'Lizabeth stayed asleep the whole time 
in the van 5 ft from me.
I kept checking on her and she kept sleeping!

It was a good afternoon.


  1. What fun! I have told my grandson that if he comes up when there is snow, I would go sliding with him (I will even go on the sled!)...I always thought everyone went down the hill on the other side [closer to my house] like when I was little. Never thought to go down by the Community Center side. Been great weather for sliding, but not so much snow.

  2. Laurie--there was no snow on the hill closer to your house!
    It was a fun day, anyway!


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