Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Afternoon Adventure

I took some of the kids to the park on Sunday afternoon.
It promised to be a beautiful day, and I never take the time to go to a park.

They had so. much. fun.
So did I.

I just let them play and run around while I took pictures--with my camera that I actually intended and remembered to bring along.

Isn't her face hilarious on this one?
Fear and fun all rolled into one.

Christopher is an athletic playground participant.
Swing from the handle and fly down the slide.

Ivy has NO FEAR;
she quickly scrambled to the top and looked down at me from on high.

Though she insisted she needed no help, Christopher served as her protector on the trip down the slide.

Elijah was so proud of all his climbing
which was even braver than earlier in the summer when he 
had gone with a friend.

I encouraged him to "climb the rocks!"
He calmly turned to me and said,
"No, Mom.  These are rock handles."

Andrew made it 
 all the way across
 on his first try
and every time thereafter.
He is my strong, strong boy.

Christopher wanted to do it soooo bad.
Then he looked down...
and decided not to.
(He did try again later, and made it with help.)

Ruby said,
"Mommy!!!!  I am so high--I'm like on a mountain!"

Elijah, ever the realist,
was quick to correct her and tell her she was on a bridge.
It's effect was lost on her.

Ivy Joy
This, by the way, is my new desktop background.

I have more pictures from the rest of our afternoon adventure
coming up!

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