Friday, August 26, 2011

They Also Need to Get Dirty

they--especially boys--need to get dirty.

Wanna know how he got so dirty?
And why he looks so upset about it?  :-)

Well, see, remember that bridge I mentioned in this post?
There was a little rainwater that had collected under it
and it was oh so fun to ride through it.
Of course the Bipper gave it a try--or ten.

You didn't think the dirt on that shirt
was just from one time through, did you???


  1. I wonder if you got that nice white shirt clean again? :) I can imagine it was fun to ride through the mud puddle, though!

  2. Just have to ask...a white shirt, on a young boy, outside playing...? I think I'd stock up on brown/black shirts for those outings....I know, I'm such a city-girl...:-)

  3. I sure DID get it clean! I wasn't sure if it would, but I just rinsed it when we got home and let it soak in cool water until I washed it the next day. A day on the line in the sun, and you'd never know it had gotten that dirty. :) Andrew prefers to wear just a regular white t-shirt; everything else is too hot. I figure even if he wrecks it, he can always make it into a barn shirt.


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