Thursday, August 4, 2011

Playing Catch-Up, Part 2

As I was saying...

After our week at the fair, we jumped right into Sunday morning.  We made it to church almost on-time (which is very typical and had very little to do with the fair).
That evening was the kick-off for our church's Vacation Bible School (VBS).  They do this really great carnival-type event complete with a dunk tank (even our pastors take a turn!), scavenger hunt, turtle races, volleyball, etc.  There was also supper there--a HUGE relief to me to not have to think about what to cook that night!

Nathaniel and Isaiah helped me corral Ivy and keep an eye on her when I was doing something with one of the other kids or visiting with a friend.  I am always so thankful for their help when I'm stretched thin at events like this.

Though I didn't see Andrew's successful hit on the dunk tank, I did happen to be standing there when Christopher scored a hit and dunked one of the grown-ups.  His face was so great!  He was so excited to tell Daddy about it when we got home.

The next morning, though, Christopher woke up with a raging fever which then turned into tummy issues the following day.  It lingered on so that he couldn't go to VBS all week!  This made it very hard for me to leave and go into town each night to lead the music.  Nathaniel helped me out again by staying with him so that I could go or doing chores so Dennis could be with him while the rest of us were gone.

Our church also does this really great baseball clinic that meets at the ball field nearby; they have ball from 4:00-5:30, have a bag supper and then head on over to the church for VBS.  The ride that I had arranged to bring the kids backed out on me, so it meant I had to make two trips to town with the space of two hours.  A lot of running for this mama, and if you know me, you know I hate running--both the kind you do with your feet and the kind you do with your vehicle.

My dear friend Theresa offered to watch the little girls at her house during VBS which was a tremendous weight off of my shoulders, as keeping a 2 and 1 year old busy when I'm 22 weeks along and it's hot summer time takes a lot out of me.  That being said, Theresa is in the early months of her 3rd pregnancy so I know it was a sacrifice for her; she had Ruby, Ivy and her own Bridia, who is Ivy's age, to watch.  I'm sure it was busy those evenings for her, not to mention tiring!

We made it through the week and Dennis was even able to come to the kids' program on the last night.  The children always light up when they know Daddy will be able to see them do their special things.  Christopher was feeling good enough to come along, however, I believe it was greatly influenced by the fact that he would get to see Grandma there.  He looked pretty worn out from being sick all week, but he was glad to see what the kids had been up to.

Oh--and did I mention we also fit in the 2nd week of swimming lessons during this time?  R.U.N., R.U.N., R.U.N.  We are blessed to know a swimming lessons instructor who loves our kiddos and teaches them privately just because she loves them and wants to bless us.  So we meet at the's usually just us...and it's so beautiful.  I think I could tough it out if we ever decided to live on a lake.  Well, not on a lake, but next to the lake--you probably get what I mean....
I picture myself having my coffee out on the dock, watching the sunrise, and later on just sunning myself of an afternoon.  Perhaps my ideas about living on a lake aren't exactly steeped in reality--much like the way I think it'd be fun to have twins...or a baby born at Christmas time...or a child old enough to drive.

So, that was Part 2.
And there's enough left for a Part 3...


  1. I hope that everyone is recovering from all your running and stomach/fever stuff. Sounds like you guys need some time at home to recover from all the fun you've been having. I know that's what our family needs after so many activities.

    I had one of my babies a few days before Christmas and I would have to say the best part was just being able to sit back and have my family do all the Christmas holiday work and I was able to just enjoy the day!

  2. Melissa living by the lake is great. Coffee, a fire on the beach, catching fish of the dock and the list could go on. For me it is good therapy for the mind...

  3. I'm sorry, Melissa, but if you think this is some excuse for us not getting together, you better think again...;) Wow life is crazy! Hang in there!


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