Saturday, August 13, 2011


I've heard all kinds of distasteful comments regarding our family's size.
I've heard all kinds of encouraging and uplifting ones, too.

Yesterday at the grocery store, though, was a twist on a familiar one.

"Did you plan it?" (referring to this pregnancy)
I/We have heard this many times,
but the variation this time was
"Did you plaaaaaan it?"
Like I'd accidentally stepped in something gross.

A friend of mine has 8 children and she and I have shared with each other
some of the comments we've encountered.
Whenever someone asks a question that implies stupidity on our part,
she said she wants to say,
Hellllooo--we've got 8 kids; do you really think this a process we don't understand?
Tempting, to be sure...

Instead, I answer,
"Yes. Every one was planned--by God."

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