Tuesday, February 7, 2012

That's a Good Question

Last week on Isaiah's birthday, he chose to eat at Burger King.
He'd never had a Whopper before and wanted to give it a try.
He always has set high goals for himself.

As I sat with my two oldest boys, a lady came over to comment on our lovely little Elizabeth.
She assumed that these three were the sum of my children.
When I told her that I have nine, her jaw dropped.
She was completely floored.
She went on and on about how shocked she was that we have nine kids, etc.

Anyway, after she left, the boys and I started reminiscing about other similar encounters we've had and the many Duggar references.
Then Nathaniel posed a good question:
"It's funny that people never say, 'Hey--you guys are just like the Waltons!'  It's actually a better comparison."

And he's right.
Even when we *only* had five kids, people would get so excited and say we were just like "that Duggar family."  It probably is the combination of homeschooling and "large" family that does it, I suppose.

But the Walton's had seven kids; that's closer to our nine than the Duggar's 19.
The Waltons lived on a farm.
The Waltons had a fun-loving Grandpa.
The Waltons had to learn how to make do.
I wear an apron.
The Waltons had a goat.
The dad needs a haircut and up until last week, so did Dennis.
The Waltons even had an Elizabeth!!

Yep, though we love the Duggars, maybe we're a bit more like the Waltons--for now, anyway. :-)


  1. I love it! That IS a much better comparison.

    People ask us too, if we're keeping up with the Duggars. I have nothing against the Duggars at all, but I somehow wonder how people think if you have more than 2-3 that your "goal" must be 19. I usually look at them, and say "Why yes, if we had 15 more children, we WOULD be like the Duggars! Huh, I never thought of that."

  2. I love it, Melissa!

    And Gretchen, I love your comment also! After all, four is almost the same as 19, right? :)


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