Saturday, February 4, 2012

Elizabeth's Baptism--In Pictures, with Some Words

Elizabeth was baptized last Sunday.
These are a bunch of pictures, not in any real order--sometimes blogger is hard to work with.
Our friends Mark and Sara are E's sponsors.
Mark is also one of our pastors.
We are blessed to be friends with both of our pastors and their families.
Pastor Brett did the baptism,
or, as Ruby calls it, "bath-tism."

Dennis and I and Linnea along with my mom and with Pastor Mark's older daughters all sang.
Nathaniel played guitar, too, but is off to the left and thus out of the shot.

Elizabeth with her god-mother, Sara

Pastor Brett and us


Pastor Mark and Sara's son Isaac and our Bipper.
This picture cracks. me. up.

Ruby and Hannah (another of Pastor Mark and Sara's daughters)

Linnea with her cousin and her best friend Amy

My boys chatting it up with my dad

Elizabeth with her godparents, our friends Mark and Sara


My bearded boy Nathaniel and Ivy Joy

Mark and Sara's Andrew and our Andrew  

as my brother said, Ivy loves the camera, and it loves her!

Elizabeth's cake.  Elizabeth was hungry, but not for cake.

Ruby found an air vent that made her twirly dress even twirlier :)


My mom made Elizabeth's dress,
as she has done for our other girls. 

Thanks to Emily for being our "photographer" at church that day!


  1. Blessings to sweet little Elizabeth! Small world, my good friend and college roommate got married at your church--so I've been there! :-)


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