Friday, September 21, 2012

Fridays on the Farm--My Farm Girl's Birthday

Today I'm combining two posts into one:
Fridays on the Farm and Happy 12th Birthday, Linnea!

One of the activities that our family especially enjoys is 4-H.
We've been participating since Nathaniel was in Kindergarten--well, even waaaaaay before that :) ----
Dennis and I were each in 4-H as kids ourselves.
(That's even where we met!)

As I've said before, our kids' favorite things to show at the County Fair are their cattle.
Linnea has always done well in the ring--it helps to have a big smile and a happy heart when showing and Linnea possesses both.

The picture I'll share here is the Jersey heifer she showed this year.
We don't have any Jerseys here on our farm; she belongs to our friends.
Interestingly, this heifer is from a set of triplets.  A rarity, indeed!
 Even though I need her help mostly in the house, Linnea is very helpful in the barn, too, and jumps at any chance to be out with the guys whether that be in the field, throwing bales, or milking cows.
This summer she discovered she can do the milking by herself!
She is game to tackle just about any job outside,
being more of a tomboy and definitely NOT a girly-girl.

Dennis and I want all the kids to be familiar with each others' jobs so that one can fill in for another's absence.  Linnea is quite versatile, being very capable with both inside work and outside work.

I've been thinking about how I just need a few more years on Ruby--
she's already amazingly helpful at 4 years old, but a few more years of size and strength would really benefit me :-)
Then I can "release" Linnea to the outside work which she so enjoys.

She got to have a very fun Daddy date yesterday in honor of her birthday--
Dennis took her golfing and then they ate supper together at the clubhouse.

Today, she and I are headed to town for a little date of our own (with Elizabeth, too).
If it rains, Dennis might be able to get away and come with us, as well.

She has plans to ride horses at Grandpa's on Saturday with two friends.
This girl could really just live on the back of a horse.
She's much more confident a rider than I ever was or will be.

Happy Birthday, Linnea!
I appreciate your help here more than I show.
I am proud of you.
I am so blessed by your fearless witness to others.
We are excited to see what life has in store for you!

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